IPets need dental work too! Much the same as in humans, bacteria in the mouth of our pets use calcium from the food they eat to make plaque, which eventually turns to tartar. Tartar is a bacteria-laden, cement-like material that attaches on the teeth and underneath the gumlines causing tooth decay and gingivitis. Once there, tartar can only be removed by performing a dental cleaning. Unlike humans, however, our pets need to be put under general anesthetic to perform a dental cleaning because they won’t voluntarily hold their mouths open for it! The cleaning includes scaling and polishing of the teeth, a complete dental exam and charting, extractions of teeth as required and IV fluids throughout the procedure. We also offer nutritional and cleaning aids to promote oral health, help reduce the frequency of required cleanings and to aid in the prevention of extractions. Talk to a member of our team if you want to learn more about your pet’s oral health.