Dr. Melissa Wallace


Education: Ontario Veterinary College

Dr. Melissa Wallace has been with Coaldale Pet Clinic since its opening in July, 2006 and in April of 2011 became an owner of the practice. Melissa grew up on a dairy farm in southern Ontario, and moved here after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in the spring of 2006. Melissa’s interests in veterinary medicine are broad, including cattle, dogs and cats, but has a particular interest in surgery. She spends 2 days a week working out of Picture Butte at Livestock Veterinary Services, but her passion for pets and surgery keep her coming back to Coaldale the other 2 days a week! Melissa and her husband Steve share their home with their dogs as well as several indoor and outdoor cats. In her time outside of work, she enjoys camping and skiing. She also likes to knit and sew, which keeps her hands nimble for surgery!