Neutering, otherwise known as castration, involves the surgical removal of the testicles. Neutering your male pet will eliminate sexual activities and render him sterile, as well as it reduces the risk of testicular and prostate disease. It is recommended around 6 months of age, prior to puberty. If performed before male dogs enter puberty, it eliminates the urge to lift the leg and mark objects with urine. Neutering male cats reduces the strong urine odour as well as roaming, fighting and urine spraying.

Prior to the procedure, your pet will be given a complete physical examination to help ensure it’s safety during anesthesia and surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic, and recovery is usually uneventful. Homecare is minimal, but activity must be kept to a minimum for 7 days to ensure normal healing. Owners also need to monitor for depression, lethargy, swelling/redness or oozing of the incision, and care must be taken to ensure the pet is not licking at its incision.